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Countess promotional notifications received on a day-to-day basis has drowned the essential information amongst them.

Neither the users nor the companies are genuinely happy of how the current infrastructure is being put to use.

We offer you a one-stop solution. Check out our cool features and download Marvo now!

Know your expenses inside out

All your transactions categorized and neatly displayed in one place. Know where you've spend the most and never lose track of your expenses again.

Supports multiple accounts and all major Indian banks and payment gateways.

Contextual Notifications

Automatic reminders for upcoming events according to your booking alerts received via SMS.

Add custom reminders and alerts and make every day more productive than ever before!

Hassle-free viewing of reservations

Elegantly represented summary of your train, flight, bus tickets, e-commerce delivery and event bookings.

Avoid last minute scrambling to find your ticket or booking details!

Channels and offers that matter

Re-inventing a space where companies, organizations, consumers and individuals get together to share latest updates on anything and everything

Subscribe to your favourite channels and receive personalized offers and updates from them directly!

Check all your messages here

Your private messages has never been safer. Check all your SMSes here and with an option to backup your messages to our cloud.

Never lose any important information from your loved ones or other services even while switching between devices.

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